Q(4) to Q(6) are comprehensive questions. Your answers to Q (4) to Q(6) should be submitted on-line at 10 pm, Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020. Each problem is worth the points indicated in the parentheses. While a collective work on the assignments is allowed and encouraged, a brute copying of the solution from your fellow-students is absolutely not acceptable. (4). (12 points) Please find the compressibility factor of super heated water vapor at 150 bar and500 °C using the following two methods: (a) the definition of compressibility: Z = pv/ RT ; (b)the Nelson-Obert chart in Figure A-15, page 932 in Textbook. Please justify if the water under given conditions can be considered as ideal gas based on the compressibility factor calculated.The critical pressure, critical temperature, and gas constant R of water can be found in Table A-

Fig: 1

Fig: 2