Question 1

The editor of a UK college magazine is checking the latest edition of the

magazine before it goes to print, but they have found some problems.

(a) Three stories each have a piece of data missing. The topics of the three

stories are:

Story 1: A science project to find the fastest reaction time when mixing

certain chemicals.

Story 2: An interview with the winner of the inter-collegiate 1500 metre


Story 3: The results of a survey to find the average time it took students

to travel from their home to the entrance of the college campus.

The three pieces of data are:

A: 5 minutes 33 seconds

B: 42 minutes

C: 31.4567 seconds

Match each story with the most appropriate piece of data, justifying

your answer.

(b) A story about the campus shop says that students spend on average

£4.5682351 per visit. The editor rightfully thinks that this level of

accuracy is unjustified. Round £4.5682351 to an appropriate level of

accuracy, justifying your answer.

(c) The word counts for the main articles in the latest magazine edition are:

220, 470, 1300, 250, 1100, 540, 380, 670.

(i) Calculate by hand the median word count. Show your working.

(ii) Calculate by hand the range of word counts. Show your working.