Question 105 ptsChoose the correct statements from theoptions below.There may be several correctstatements,but you won't know how many.Ifthere are N correct statement,you will get 5/Nmarks for each correct statement you choose.but

you will lose 5/N marks for each incorrectstatement you choose.Your score won't gonegative.You should find that the measured CoP3 isquite a lot lower than the theoretical values.Choose reasons that you think are importantfor this difference.OThe body of the compressor is hot and so losesheatO The pipe between the expansion valve and theevaporator is cool and so absorbs heat from theairOStirring will create frictional heat in the waterO The temperatures T1 to T4 are measured on theoutside of the pipes and so will be inaccurateO The compressor has an electro-mechanicalconversion efficiency lower than 1O The pressure drops as the refrigerant goesthrough the expansion valve

Fig: 1