Question 2: An individual is told by his orthopedic surgeon that the surgery to repair his ACL has a probability of .17 of failing, the probability of an infection in this type of surgery is .05 and both the repair fails and an infection occur together with a probability of.02. Find the following below: A.) What is the probability that the surgery will be successful and free of infection? (Hint: Please see Lesson plan 3 part 3 for Theaddition rule for P(A or B) which is explained in Part B, as well as Demorgan's Laws which is explained in Lesson plan 3 part 4 inPart E. Both of these concepts will help with this question. Good luck!) B.) What is the probability of an infection given the surgery is successful (Hint: Please see Lesson plan 3 part 4 and see Part D as it explains Conditional Probability). If there is any trouble with these discussion questions, please feel free to email or post to the discussion forum. I'll be checking email and this discussion forum around the clock.

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