Question 2 *Smoothtools' manufacturing company want to enter the woodworking tools' market and one of the first products it has decided to manufacture is a general purpose smoothing plane. (See Figure Q2- parts view). After 'reverse engineering' the wood plane, the planning department have arrived at a build sequence and timings for each task which is shown in Table Q2(a). Furthermore, the marketing department at 'Smoothtools' have produced a sales forecast for the new planes which is given in Table Q2(b). The plant is expected to have a work pattern of 40 hours week, 48 weeks per year. Assuming a Product layout (Long thin) arrangement, determine the following information for the 1st quarter of production: a) The required cycle time and the theoretical minimum number of people required to assemble the products b) The 'line design'. c) The actual number of people required to manufacture/assemble the product based on your design and what would be the balance loss and estimated output for this arrangement? d) If a 'short fat' layout is used in the 1st quarter, how many people would be required to assemble the products? What is the balance loss and potential output for this arrangement? e) Considering the two options. Which layout is best suited to meet the demand in 4th quarter and why? f) What are the advantages and disadvantages of both 'long thin' and 'short fat' layouts?