QUESTION 2: You have prepared the novel coordination compound ammonium dichlorodioxalatovanadate(?): (NH4)3[VCl₂(O₂CCO₂)₂]. a) What is the oxidation state of vanadium in the coordination compound? b) How many d-electrons are present in vanadium in this compound? c) Draw 2 isomers of the geometrically octahedral complex anion and determine their point groups. You must use dashes and wedges correctly to indicate the ligand positions. You must show all atoms including the ligand atoms. i. Isomer 1 (octahedral): trans-[VCl₂(O₂CCO₂)2]³- 1. Draw the 3-dimensional structure of the trans-[VCl₂(O₂CCO₂)2]³ complex.