Question 3. (10 Points) Consider the CAR relation schema CAR (License number, Engine_Serial_number, Make, Model, Year) and its state r(CAR) with a set of 6 tuples r = (t1, t2, t3, t4, ts t6} CAR License_number Texas ABC-739 Florida TVP-347 New York MPO-22 ty California 432-TFY ts California RSK-629 tTexas RSK-629 Engine_serial_number A69352 B43696 X83554 C43742 Y82935 U028365 Make Model Year Mustang 02 Cutlass 05 01 99 04 04 Ford Oldsmobile Oldsmobile Delta Mercedes 190-D Camry XJS Toyota Jaguar a) What is the value of ts [Model] (2 points) b) What is the value of t6[License_number, Make, Model, Year] (2 points) c) What is the value of t4. Make (2 points) d) What is the degree of relation CAR (2 points) e) How many entities exist in the given relation extension CAR (2 points)

Fig: 1