Question 3 A thick-walled open steel cylinder with internal diameter-100 mm and external diameter=150 mm is loaded by internal pressure. The yield strength of the material is 300 MPa. 1. Using

non-linear formulation, determine the value of the applied pressure P and sketch, giving significant stress values, the stress distribution when: a. b. C. The material of the cylinder first commences to yield. Yielding has progressed partially through the cylinder wall (to D= 125 mm). The cylinder material suffers complete collapse. II. Compare all the results obtained from part I (a, b, c) with those calculated when a linear stress distribution throughout the wall thickness is assumed. Also sketch the linear stress distribution, giving significant stress values. III. Assuming linear stress distribution, calculate and sketch the residual stress distribution giving all values of significant stresses, when the pressure calculated in part II-b (yielding to D= 125 mm) is applied and then removed.