Question 3 A town's water system is connected to a supply reservoir, reservoir A, that feeds into the town at a single junction J, as shown in the figure. The water is distributed to two key zones shown as B and C on the figure. Nodes A, B and C are connected to the junction by pipes. The water levels in A and Care, respectively, 300 m and 180 m AOD. Pipe lengths, diameters and friction factors are given in the table below. (a) What is the maximum water level that can be maintained at B to ensure that any flow is form J to B? A proposal to develop the town requires a new out-take to be provided from J to D. The design discharge from J to D, measured directly at J, is 35 Ls¹. The water level in B is 250 m (b) Discuss, with the appropriate evidence and supporting calculations, how this will impact the existing system, and if zone B will still be provided with water from the supply reservoir.

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