Question 3:Choose the correct statements from theoptions below.There may be several correctstatements,but you won't know how many.Ifthere are N correct statement,you will get 5/Nmarks for each correct statement you choose,but you

will lose 5/N marks for each incorrectstatement you choose.Your score won't gonegative.O A heat pump could also work without theexpansion valveGround source heat pumps are often better thanair source heat pumps because the groundtemperature is normally higher than the airtemperature in winterO The compressor increases the temperature of therefrigerantO If we wanted to increase the actual CoP of theheat pump,actively cooling the compressorwould be a good optionO When the refrigerant goes through the coldwater tank,its enthalpy goes down (hin>hout)O Water around the evaporator coil may freeze ifthere is fluid agitation

Fig: 1