Question 31 The table below shows the height, h(t), in meters, of an object that is thrown off the top of a building, t seconds after it is thrown. t h(t) < 0.5 1 1.5 2 92.225 105 115.325 123.2 After Using your calculator to do a quadratic regression, express the height of the object as a function of the number of seconds that have passed since the object was thrown. Use the indicated variables and proper function notation. After 2.6 seconds, the object will be 2.5 128.625 Using your rounded quadratic regression equation to complete the statements below. Round your answers to the nearest tenth as needed. Submit Question 3 131.6 Question Help: Message instructor Round to the nearest tenth as needed. meters above the ground. seconds, the object will be 7 meters above the ground.

Fig: 1