Question: A company produces lollies and sells then in 150g bags. During an inspection, you collected a sample of bags and weighed the contents. The results are as follows: Task: You

want to perform a one sample hypothesis test on this data to determine if you are still selling 150g of lollies per bag. You wish to determine this at a significance of 5% i) You do not know if the bags masses are normally distributed. Why or why isn’t this a problem? ii) Determine the mean, standard deviation, and standard error of the data. (see week 6 lecture slides) iii) Perform a one sample hypothesis test on the data to compare to a mean of 150g (see week 9 lecture slides). Are you using a one tailed or two tailed test? Explain why. iv) What is your conclusion? v) You could have come to the same conclusion with a confidence interval as well. Calculate a 95% percent confidence interval on the sample data and compare the interval to 150g. Comment on this method vs the hypothesis test. (See week 9 lecture slides). If 150g in inside your confidence interval, then it is a possible correct value of the mean, however if it is outside your confidence intervals then it is not supported as a possible value of the mean.