QUESTION THREE (30 MARKS) You are organizing a concert event in a theater, where the seating arrangements are on a first come first serve basis. No reservations are allowed. The students who arrive early get the best seats to enjoy the concert. The theater can only accommodate a limited number of students and when it is full, no more students can be seated. Create a class called Concert that implements this scenario using a queue data structure. The class should have the following methods: • addStudent(int studentID): Adds a student to the queue and assigns them a seat. • removeStudent(): Removes the student at the front of the queue and frees up their seat. • getRemainingSeats(): Returns the number of remaining seats in the theater. isTheaterFull(): Returns a boolean indicating whether the theater is full or not. Note: You are free to make any assumptions and choose any data structure to implement the methods as long as it follows the problem statement. (30)

Fig: 1