Questions We would like Phase 1 to consist of the following: - Please describe our target customer – ▪ Who is this person ▪ What is their household income level ▪ Where do they shop ▪ How much do they spend in general on such products ▪ Why will they be drawn to our products ▪ What is their age and gender. - Independent research with supporting evidence that clearly estimates how large is our market. ▪ How many target customers are there in our market of Dubai and how much do you believe based on research will they be willing to spend on such products. ● This is not what you plan on attaining in the year one or beyond but truly the whole market in its entirety. ● Obviously we know we will only be getting a small percentage of it but we want to know how large is this market - What price range do you believe our products will be in? ▪ Please provide supporting evidence of why you have arrived at this range. ▪ This can be an initial estimate that you will refine as the process goes on but we would like an initial range. - Product research, samples, looks, prices, and minimum quantity for each product, ▪ Including brand reference as well as brand message for the collection. ▪ Furthermore, a list of complimentary products - We understand that in later phases you will be providing a detailed store list, but even if you can give us a broad and long list it would be helpful for us to get an idea. ▪ If you can include who your contact there is. ▪ For these stores do they have success metrics as in a certain number of units must be sold over a specific time period otherwise they will no longer display our products? - Can you please include a rough, initial estimate on how many units will be sold in Year 1, 2 and 3? ▪ We really need to understand the inventory build-up as this will require funds and we want to make sure we are allocating appropriately. - How many professionals do you believe we will need to hire in order for this venture to grow in Year 1, 2, 3. ▪ Please list them out year by year. ▪ These professionals are above and beyond what you and your team would be providing ▪ In Phase 3, you mention final marketing budget that we assume will be all cost in addition to your fees and the people we have hired upon your recommendation and actual product manufacturing costs. We will need a rough estimate of this amount in Phase 1, again so we can make sure to have sufficient capital on hand. ● We would request the information in a report form so that we can review and discuss it.