Read chapter 3 Musculoskeletal Conditions. Answer study guide questions but not for submission yet. .Posture Assignment 1) Read chapter 3 "Musculoskeletal Conditions and Disorders" Answer and submit the study questions at the end of the chapter. 2) Be sure to view the video's in the "Course Material" section on posture PRIOR to doing your assignment. 3) Do a Posture analysis on a person. Have the subject dress in shorts and a tight fitted sport top. ( no baggy shirts). Take 3 clear photo's with the subject in front of a door or non busy background. Facing Forward (Palms Forward), Facing Sideway's. Facing Backwards. Analyze the posture (5 pts) and prescribe 3 exercisers (5 pts) that can be done at home to correct any deviations or done to maintain good posture.. Write the program in grid form. Submit the photo's, observations and program on Blackboard.