Repeat the calculation that you performed in HW4 Problem 6, but use the built in MATLAB function "quad" to evaluate the integral of f(XA). Write a short MATLAB program that

first creates a plot of the inverse reaction rate vs XA, and then uses"quad" to evaluate the integral and reports the volume for the PFR in cubic meters to the Command Window. Publish your MATLAB work including: (1) your MATLAB script, (2) your plot and (3) the results shown in the Command Window including the volume of the PFR2. A and B react at constant T and P as ideal gases (only A, B and inert I arepresent in the feed): A+B \rightarrow R, \text { with }-r_{A}=k C_{A}^{0.800} C_{B}^{0.500} \frac{\mathrm{mol} / \mathrm{hr}}{\mathrm{m}^{3}}, \text { where } k=12.87 \frac{\mathrm{m}^{0.9}}{\mathrm{~mol}^{0.3} \mathrm{hr}} When the feed rate is 100. m³/hr, you need to obtain 75% conversion of A in a feed stream with CAO = 30.0, CB0 = 30.0 and C10 = 60.0, all in mol/m3.%3D

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