Response 2 Instructions Here, you will pick one of the Original Posts of another student from Discussion 1 or Discussion 2. I want to know your general thoughts about the podcast and then your opinion on whether you agree or disagree (and why) with the other student. The same guidelines of respect and civility pertaining to the original posts will also apply here! Remember, we are all in the same boat together and the boat tips over when everyone is on the same side. A healthy and respectful disagreement can be very enlightening. Episode 431- Why Can't Schools Get What The N.F.L. Has? the Original Posts of another student: The government these past years has shown its preference to have grown men throwing a ball to get checked daily over the students who will run our future. It shows how much importance is put into other things than public schools. NFL players have a shorter career and are paid more than teachers. Although, they do get into accidents that could lead to life changing outcomes, such as death, serious injuries, or a coma. On the down side of so many rapid COVID tests the NFL players are taking they are not always 100% accurate. There have been many false positive COVID results in the team, causing lots of confusion among them. The NFL has so many sponsors helping them run smoothly through a pandemic, it's shocking schools don't get the same help or treatment. If public schools got as much support needed such as sponsors our students would have better education and learn necessary life topics. On the other hand there has been a lot of investigation put on the sponsors due to COVID results with open contamination, false results, etc. The coaches were lenient on playing due to open fields, so there's less chance of getting infected outside spread out. They're not 100% safe with just spreading out because they're still in contact with the ball being passed from one player to another. Children are more vulnerable to getting sick easier so teachers and students being put on hold is good for their health but delays them on education. It's difficult to learn online for most students due to distractions at home or they learn better visually and hands on. Also making it difficult since not every student has what they need to keep in communication with teachers like Wifi, electronic devices, or appropriate living conditions that interfere with their education.