Rita owns and manages a consulting business. About a month ago, she decided that she needed to hire an assistant. After interviewing several candidates, she decided to hire the best candidate of the group and she was Sara. She called Sara to tell her that she had been chosen. They both agreed that Sara would start working on next Monday and in the same day will fill the all required employment documents. On Tuesday, during the same week, Ron a friend of Rita, called her and said that he and found the right person for her needs. She explained to him that she had already hired Sara, but her friend was insistent by saying just meet Miranda, who knows maybe you can hire her in the future'. Rita reluctantly agreed, 'ok if she can come tomorrow, I can meet her but that's all I can do'. Her friend replied, 'ok I know you will like her'. Rita met Miranda on Wednesday in the morning and did like her very much. She was the real person that Rita was looking for. Regarding experience she surpassed the all candidates that Rita interviewed earlier including Sara. In addition she was ready to bring her customers and this was more than favourable for the business. But what to do with Sara? Rita had already assured Sara that she could start working on Monday.At the moment Rita can employ only one person. It's clear that the best business decision was to hire Miranda but what about the ethical decision? If her business will have poor performance or Sara cannot offer sufficient support the business can even bankrupt. Because of this, her family would suffer, but also she knows that Sara also was having a family depending on her and also had been too enthusiastic about starting to work. A great ethical dilemma is not it? 1. How do you judge Rita's decision to hire Miranda and not Sara? Was Rita's decision ethical? If you were in her place how would you react and why? Provide arguments for your answer. 2. If you were Sara, what would you do in this situation and why? You're your reaction against the organisation would be,if any? Justify your answer. 3. A. From a theoretical perspective, identify 3 basic guidelines to follow in order to be 'a good to excellent' employer. B. Having these guidelines in mind, which of these do you believe that Rita has? Discuss and support your answer with examples.

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