Situation: There is a large comfy chair in the family room and carpet on the floor. The youngboy is pushing the chair to the right and his little sister is pushing the chair to the left. Shepushes with more force and is able to move the chair forward. Based on the description of the situation above, in which direction would you expect all theforces to be acting in? F_{\text {app }} \text { (boy) [R], } F_{\text {app }} \text { (girl) [L], } F_{f}[R] F_{a p p} \text { (boy) }[L], F_{a p p}\left(\text { girl) }[R], F_{f}[R]\right. F_{a p p} \text { (boy) [R], } F_{a p p} \text { (girl) [R], Ff [R] } F_{\text {app }} \text { (boy) }[R], F_{T}\left(\text { girl) }[L], F_{f}[R]\right.

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