Negative marking applies to this question. Which of the following are not a correct specifications for the limit state function (there may be more than 1)? \square \vee=x_{3}\left[a_{2} x^{2}_{4}+a_{3} x_{4}\right]-x_{1}\left[x_{2}-a_{1}

x_{3} x_{4}\right]=0 V=X_{3}\left[a_{2} X^{2}{ }_{4}+a_{3} X_{4}\right]+X_{1}\left[X_{2}-a_{1} X_{3} X_{4}\right]=0 V=X_{3}\left[a_{2} X^{2}{ }_{4}+a_{3} X_{4}\right]-X_{1}\left[X_{2}-a_{1} X_{3} X_{4}\right]<0 v=x_{3}\left[a_{2} x^{2}{ }_{4}+a_{3} x_{4}\right]-x_{1}\left[X_{2}-a_{1} x_{3} x_{4}\right]>0

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