Aeronautical And Space Systems Integration

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Project Part-1: 1. Implement and test (show execution of) the continuous-time component representing the dynamic model of a car given in the Textbook. Use the following values in the model: m= 1450 kg, k-63. Simulate the response for the case F-0, with initial conditions x(0)-0, v(0)=15 m/sec; and the case F-550 N with initial conditions x(0)=0, and v(0)=0. Use Trapezoidal discrete approximation of derivative with simulation step At-0.10 sec. Plot the component responses generated from your simulation. 2. Now add the effect of graded road to the above car model and regenerate the car responses to road grade of 0-5deg, and 0-10deg and the case F-550N with initial conditions x(0)=0, and v(0) 0 only. Plot the component responses generated by your simulation.

The orbit of the spacecraft whose poistion and velocity at a particular time is ellipse. You want to change this

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