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Assignment: ​Report on ​The Crash of Air France AF 447 You should select an aviation incident for your case study that allows you to demonstrate your ability to analyse from a human factors perspective. It is recommended that you chose one of the cases that we have studied during the module but you may select your own, provided it has sufficient depth to allow you to demonstrate your abilities. The submission should be no longer than 2,500 words at most and should be referenced consistently. Referencing can be by any accepted standard such as IEEE or Harvard, as long as it is clear and consistent. You should focus on the case that you chose, but it is acceptable to refer briefly to other incidents if it helps to demonstrate a principal or highlights a common issue in flight safety. The case study must be arranged in a clear, well structured report with a title, abstract, introduction, analysis, conclusion and references. These are not hard and fast section headings as your case may lend itself to another structure, but it must be logically structured. The report should be produced in Word, Tex, LaTeX or using another appropriate tool.

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