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An aircraft climbs at an angle of 15°. The weight of the aircraft is 108 kN and its wing area is 75m². The aircraft's drag equation is given by Cp = 0.035 + 0.025 C2. If the engines of the aircraft produce 45 kN of thrust during the climb what is the fastest equivalent airspeed the aircraft could be climbing at? The answer should have units of ms ¹.

A glider weighs 47 kN and has a drag equation of CD = 0.026 +0.024 C2. What is the minimum glide angle of the glider? Your answer should be in degrees.

The thrust required for a cargo aircraft to fly straight, level and steady was measured. In each measurement the speed and altitude of the aircraft was the same but the weight changed. When the weight was 130 kN, empty weight with no cargo and little fuel, the thrust required was T =18.7 kN. When the weight was 30 kN above the empty weight the thrust required increased by dT0.50 kN (Total thrust in this case is T+ dT kN). What (total) thrust would be required to fly at the same speed and altitude if the weight was 50 kN above the empty weight? The answer should have units of kN.

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