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What does PCSA stands for? And how it is calculated for a muscle with pennate fibers?

5) Create a bone the organ-vs-ossification type table that includes a) bone classification names, b) examples of each bone classification, and c) ossification type for each class.

4) Diagram and label: compact bone tissue and spongy bone tissue. Be sure to include the features of bone tissues indicated on Lecture Prep 5.

On the lines provided, write the number of chromosome pairs for each step of meiosis shown in each cell the diagram. Then, answer the questions. 9. How is meiosis important to the study of genetics? 10. How do cells formed by meiosis differ from those formed by mitosis? 11. How does the number of cells produced by meiosis compare to the number of cells produced by mitosis?

Several researchers obtained maximum stress generated by our muscles. Why these values differ from one study to another? And what is the importance of these values?

3) Diagram and label the histological zones of development of an epiphyseal plate and include a) developmental zones, b) perichondrium, c) periosteum, and d) an endochondral ossification flow chart. Make TWO VERSIONS (or more) and turn in your best and final version.

2) Create a chondrification and the 2 types of primary ossification.vs ossification table distinguishing between the 2 types of primary

What is Newton's second Law (briefly)? And how it can be utilized in biomechanics?

What is the difference between a cost function and a constraint? Mention an example of each to make your explanation more clear.

1) Create a Cartilage Tissue Table that includes the 3 types of cartilage and information about the a) structure, b) function (be specific), c) locations, and d) diagrams of the specific tissue types

1) Compare the benefits and disadvantages of pre- and post-natal surgical interventions? (6marks) Provide a conclusion on which of these surgical interventions you would agree to if the affected child was your own? (4 marks)

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