Assembly Programming

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1. What is the general format of Assembly Language?

2. In a table, write down all the Assembly instruction you have learned with explanation.

3. States the four instruction types.

4. States bus types in a Microcontroller?

Write an x86 assembly program that computes the transpose of a matrix composed of unsigned 16-bit integers, with the following requirements: 1. The size of the matrix is 2x2. 2. The matrix will be typed using the keyboard as in the example. 3. The matrix elements will be stored in pre-allocated memory locations 4. The initial matrix and its transpose will be displayed in the next rows.

This goal of this Final Project is for you to design a PowerShell Script that could be used in the day-to-day management of an Active Directory-based network. It is worth nothing that the script you will create could be used in your portfolio that would demonstrate your understanding of PowerShell and how PowerShell can be used in an Active Directory network.

2. Update the memory table after executing all the instruction one

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