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You are negotiating the SLA with a Cloud Service Provider (CSP). Which of the following high availability guarantees is likely to cost you the most? 99.9 99.99 99.999

What does the S in HTTPS stand for? Secure---Storage---System---Shared

Which of the following enables an organization to maintain its strategic flexibility when implementing a SaaS solution? Implementing SaaS before the competitors Customizing the solution by placing logos Monitoring and enforcing SLÀ Planning an exit strategy

Match the to the acronym to the functions or definition A Hard drive arrays are contained and managed by this dedicated device which connects through a network and facilitates access to data using file-centric data access protocols like the Network FileSystem (NFS) of Server Message Block. B Physical data storage media are connected through a dedicated network and provide block-level data storage access using industry-standard protocols, such asSCSI,İSCSI, FCP.

The Data Center concept is not new Why do we have data centers? So IT personnel have a place to play computer games. The company wants IT to be hidden so they cannot be kidnapped andransomed. To give IT personnel higher efficiency in Share IT resource usage andimproved assessability Because IT people need cool room temperatures

Microsoft Azure is an example of which type of cloud deployment model? Commercial Public Private Hybrid

A_____topology refers to how the network is wired. Logical----Network----Link---Physical

What does the "P" in PaaS mean:

What does the I in laaS stand for? Internet----Intranet---Information----Infrastructure

What does RAID stand for? Reduced Array of Interrelated Disks Reduced Array of IndependentDisks Redundant Array of IndependentDisks Redundant Array of InterrelatedDisks

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