Criminal Psychology

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Research Paper Main topic area: (Abuse-whether that is sexual, mental, physical, etc.) Topic question: Are traumatic childhood abuse experiences linked to adult life aggression and offences?

1.Define the elements of Kidnapping. Describe the "Distance" needed for the crime to be complete. One paragraph.

2.Describe the elements of Rape. Describe the role "Consent" plays in this crime. One paragraph.

In this assignment, you are continuing on in your role as a police officer. The Chief wants to continue her emphasis on empathy training. Now that she's comfortable that officers have a grounding in criminology theory, she wants to see how effectively they are able to apply what they've learned about criminology theory and empathy to their daily police work. As part of their prework for an upcoming departmental training session, the chief wants all officers to complete a chart that requires them to specify for 10 given scenarios: The crime committed and the underlying cause of the behavior, based on criminology theories. A police response to the scenario that addresses the behavior and provides a solution to the incident.

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