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Concentrated milk with a water content of51% (mass %) and a density of 1065 kg m²3, enters a spray dryer at a flow rate of30460 L h¹.If the powder has a water content of 3.1%(mass %), how much powder is produced per hour in kilograms? (round answer to nearest kg). Assume that the milk consists of water and solids and all the solids are in the powder.

A standardised milk with a fat content of5% (mass %) is made by mixing a cream with a fat content of 11.7% (mass %) with a skim milk with a fat content of 2% (mass%). To make 42 tonnes of standardised milk,how much cream will be needed? (Give your answer in tonnes to 1 DP).

A steam injector is used to heat a dairy product by directly mixing it with steam.The flow rate of the dairy product is 2.4 kgSs1, and its solid content is 35% (mass %). The flow rate of the steam is 0.3 kg s¯¹.What is the water content of the mixture as a mass %? (give your answer to 1DPand omit the % sign).

A milk product is made by blending a skim milk (5.1% Protein, 0.3% Fat, and 6.7%Lactose) with a cream (3.1% Protein,19.6% Fat, 3.2% Lactose) and with lactose(100% Lactose). The milk product has a target of 4.3%Protein and 14.9% Lactose. What is the Fat content? Give your answer as a % rounded to 1DP.All percentage values are mass percentages. The remainder of the compositions are Water.

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