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Explain 5 moral principles you believe strongly (for example, "murder is wrong" or "telling a lie is justified in some cases" etc.) and then label each as an application of Justice, Utility, Non- maleficence, Beneficence or Autonomy and explain. If your reasons for one of your beliefs doesn't fit J, U, N, B, or A--is there another principle that it does fit?

What is an ethical workplace climate ? O a. A company that practices immoral work practices O b. A corporation that does not practice ethics O c. An organization that is known for nepotism & unjust favoritism A working environment that is conducive to morally responsible conduct . A working environment that has negatives contributions to society

Which of the following is true regarding aWhistleblower ? O a. It is the duty of every person to report corruption offences, and the freedom,security and tranquility of the whistle blower is guaranteed in accordance with the provisions here of or any other law establishing other guarantees in this regard. b. Offending the whistle blower is highly recommended c. Avoid blowing the whistle on your managers & supervisors as he or she is your friend d. Blowing the whistle really loud can damage a person's eardrum - None of the above

Whoever commits the offense of Illicit Gain shall be punished by imprisonment for a term exceeding twenty five years and a fine equal to the value of the Illicit Gain, which he or she obtained, in addition to ruling with the confiscation of the lllicit Gain, whether it was in his or her own account or in the account ofhis spouse or minor children or those under his guardianship or curatorship. O TrueO False

What does MANAGING focus on ? a.Telling & Directing O b. Authority & Control c. Breaking the back of low income employees d. Having Individual Subordinates or Assistants e.Seeking an Outcome for Immediate Needs

Why should we work in a team? O a. Teams are responsible for many of today's accomplishments and working in a team helps accomplish our goals h Teams are especially appropriate for conducting tasks that are high in complexity O c. Teams normally have members with complementary skills and generate synergy through a coordinated effort to reach the main goal O d. Teams allow each member to maximize his or her strengths and minimizes an individual's weaknessesas such Oe. All of the above

Which of the following isNOT part of theaims of the Kuwait Integrity & Anti-Corruption Strategy ? a. Receive Assets & Liabilities of Public-officials Ɔ b. Tackle & fight corruption C. Coordinate with the media to raise awareness to society • d. Develop a comprehensive strategy for-integrity O e. Create a program that does not-protect Whistle blowers

How do we monitor & evaluate the application of the core principles within an-organization to ensure preparedness ? O a. Assessing the effectiveness of the national strategy depends on the extent to which the targeted initiatives are implemented at a practical level and have achieved the desired impact O b. Take into consideration that the implementation process needs regular and periodic follow-up O c. Evaluate and report on progress in the implementation of the principles and ensure the coordination between parties are consistent O d. Mechanisms for the effective implementation of such a strategy include gathering and analyzing information and reports from concerned parties O e. All of the above

Which of the following is part of the prioritiesand initiatives of Specialized Bodies : O a. Hiring under-qualified relatives instead of qualified candidates O b. Whistleblower's Protection c. Capacity Building ▪ d. Coordination & Cooperation e. Giving bribes & kickbacks

Match the following terms to the appropriate definition : The awareness of participating in cooperative projects &assignments that are based on shared commitments and mutualsupport or respect Fulfilling our duties & sharing our devotion of moral ideals that are-inherent in one's profession Valuing the professional expertise and devotion of our colleagues especially in regards to social good that is promoted by the-profession

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