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A genetic disorder is caused by an abnormality in an individual's DNA. Below are the directions for the project and the grading rubric.

You will use your graphic organizer to prepare a presentation on huntington's disease with at least 5 slides.

2. Complete the following chart by indicating whether the genes of the lac operon are expressed (=ON) or repressed (= OFF) under the following conditions

1. Why do some point mutations in DNA affect protein structure while others do not? Why do some mutations affecting protein structure have mild effects on phenotype, while others have very serious (or life-threatening) effects? Explain this phenomenon in terms of eukaryotic gene structure, the genetic code, and protein structure.

3. Assume that you are using PCR to make multiple copies of the following sequence: To amplify this DNA using PCR, you use two primers that are each 10 nucleotides long: on eat the beginning of this sequence, and one at the end. What are the sequences of the two primers? Note: the sequence of only one strand of the DNA is shown above, but PCR amplifies a double-stranded DNA. Think about which strand each primer would have to pair with, and in which orientation in order to amplify the DNA. Sequence of Primer 1: 5'--- 3' Sequence of Primer 2: 5'--- 3'

4. Which of the following sequences (on one strand of a double-stranded DNA molecule) is likely to be a cleavage site for a restriction endonuclease? Briefly explain your answer. a. CGTACCb. ATGTCGc. GATATGd. TGCGCAe. TGGCCG

7. In order for a population to remain in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, what conditions must be met?

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