Global Environmental Issues

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SECTION 3 Reflection (no more than 350 words):

The IPAT formula is a way to look at how which factors impact the environment? profit, affluence, temperature population, animals, trees profit and technology population, affluence, technology

At the beginning of the semester, we talked about how where your tires on your car/bike come from affects the survival of the orangatang. In June 2016, Michelin Tire Company announced that they were adopting zero deforestation for their rubber source. This is an example of environmentally responsible business leadership in energy and environmental design (LEED) free market government regulation

2. [10 points] The USGS estimated that the geologic storage capacity for carbon dioxide in the US is 3,000 metric gigatons (Gt). Your task is to figure out how long this storage capacity would last. a.Break down the problem using the approach from class. i. What are you given? ii. What are you asked to find? iii. What data or relationships do you need? iv. Where can you find it? V.What concepts are needed? b. Select a location (zipcode) and identify the annual carbon dioxide emissions for that location using the Cool Climate Calculator. C.Get census data for the population of that county. d. How many years of annual household carbon dioxide emissions could be stored? Assume this county has access to the entire geologic storage capacity in the US. State any other assumptions you made to arrive at your answer.

Reducing packaging, waste and water use may actuallybusinesses and consumers money, while also helping True False

Environmental economists attempt to assign monetary values toecosystem services so that they can be included in the cost of atransaction. They have estimated that those ecosystem servicesmay be worth as much as $125 trillion in 2011. TrueFalse

Cradle to Cradle design addresses the issue of safety regulations in children's toys recycling and decomposition and health in design is a baby crib company that sources sustainable wood products none of these

Coal mining is a leading contributor to greenhouse gasemissions. True False


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