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Depression Rate in the World What do you need to do for this assessment? Task: You are required to complete a written Statistical Investigation, which will involve researching a topic and question of your choice. You will introduce the topic by providing a historical or theoretical background and your will explain how the research question will be answered. You will collect data by either primary or secondary methods or both and descriptively analyse the data by use of calculations and graphs. You will complete a written analysis of the data, which will inform your conclusion. Any sources used will be referenced and examples of raw data will be included in an Appendices section. Your tutor will provide ideas for research topics if required and support and feedback over a number of weeks. You must submit the Statistical Investigation on the VLE and via Turnitin by a set day and time.

Detailed instructions for Strengths Based Approach Project Part 1 ● The activity cannot be anything that is for children, anyone on a NDIS plan or Myaged Care - it must be an activity that anyone could attend ● The activity must not be a 1 off activity or an activity done in isolation for example you could not include going to the movies or the zoo (1 off) or joining a library (done in isolation) ● The activity must be one that a person goes back to on a regular basis to build on friendships/relationships or networks ● Do not give me multiple choices for different activities on different days etc just pick 1 and provide the details about that one. Part 2 Now you have the activity describe the type of person who might be interested in it-this will depend on the activity for example if you have included a community garden project it could be a person who is • Interested in gardening • Likes fresh organic produce • Enjoys being outside • Likes to be physically active • Etc Part 3 Describe how to access the service/program/facility. Membership considerations, how to gain further information etc. • What is required to join become a member? Will any of these be a barrier i.e. skills, equipment, physical abilities, costs, mobility, additional support etc Part 4 Identify any barriers/risks to participation and strategies that address these. Skills requirements to participate, access to building equipment, safety concerns, staffing requirements, transport, costs, equipment etc. ● Once you have answered all of the previous parts you should now be able to identify anything that may be a barrier to participation, if you can identify a barrier think of a way you could overcome this barrier - this is where you might need to consider a person's disability in the answer. Part 5 Describe how the organisation/service which provides the activity supports participants to be active citizens. This is at the organisational level so you will need to look at the bigger picture and not just the activity. Remember that active citizenship is about making people part of that community where they are heard, get the opportunity to expand and make positive changes and people care about them. So, an organisation might have AGM where members vote or stand for committee positions, have a complaint and feedback mechanism to improve services etc or they provide opportunities to expand i.e. an art class may offer the opportunity to exhibit art or entre into competitions etc. Part 6 Describes how the organisation/service which provides the activity upholds human rights This is at the organisational level so you will need to look at the bigger picture and not just the activity. Look at the goals, vision, bylaws etc do they include things such as non- discrimination, freedom of speech etc You need to do all of these for all 3 activities. If you choose activities that are held by the same organisation, then Part 5 & 6 will only need to be answered once. Once you have all 3 activities then you do Part 7 & 8 just the once. Part 7 Describe how information could be made available to people including people they support, family members and other support officer. This is about how you get the information that you have just researched back to the workplace. It is not about referring people to websites or phone numbers it is just about telling them about the great activities that you have found. Consider how information is currently shared amongst staff, clients and families now. Part 8 Design a feedback form that could be used by parties for the activity. This must be your own design not one copied from the internet and must be generic enough to be sent to any activity. The form is to determine that the person likes/dislikes, is learning/meeting others, wants to continue to go etc. Think about the type of feedback you would provide to an activity and put it into a feedback form that could be used for any activity.

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