Healthcare Economics

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TOPIC:- Interpret the ethical effect of having healthcare insurance versus a free- off-charge healthcare system. Make a creative presentation.

How might health care teams achieve therapeutic goals for individual clients?

How does this support health literacy?

What factors might lead to the failure of the CC/IC delivery model?

How might lack of acceptance of the value or viability of the CC/IC model by stakeholders, lack of awareness of the clinical competencies of various members of the team, barriers to financial reimbursement for services, and lack of integration of support services within the practice cause a breakdown in efficacy

What supportive interventions within the CC/IC model address such issues?

Identify methods of targeted intervention and education for PCPs that might alleviate potential issues for the CC/IC model.

Explain how the APA Ethical Code of Conduct can be used to guide decisions in these complex situations.

Evaluate and comment on the potential work settings where you might find the CC/IC model. In what ways might this model provide more job satisfaction?

First Literature review draft. Your reply should provide constructive feedback and pose 2-3 additional suggested search terms and/or resources. Introduction Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system is purposed for the mitigation of fraudulent billing and financial waste through government overspending in healthcare. This system enables home health agencies to assure that patient visit times, location, and services are documented accurately and in real time through its GPS capability. This system with its interface capability with state’s claim submission and reimbursement system provides transparency and real time verification of patient care, thus, maintaining agency accountability for audit purposes, and eliminating agency risks. Although healthcare billing fraud has created an enormous financial burden for the United States government, this literature review extends beyond erroneous and fraudulent billing to address other drivers of healthcare cost in the United States. Because of the recent use of the Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) System, assessing its effectiveness in averting overspending can be beneficial in predicting its usefulness.

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