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You will prepare a written report and prepare a PowerPoint presentation (due to COVID we will not do an oral report this semester). Besides addressing the relevant wastewater characteristics for the industry you selected, you should also detail the appropriate unit operations treatment train (which includes various physical, chemical, and/or biological treatment processes) for your industry. You should present a process flow diagram, indicating each unit operation involved. For each unit operation, you should list typical process performance efficiencies, along with the flows involved, surface area and volume of the unit operation, detention time of that unit operation, etc.

What are different types of 3D printing? Compressive response of 3D printed polymers?

4) Using class handouts and internet search, find out the types of faults that can be detected using following types of Condition Monitoring.

4. A scrubber is used to remove particles from a wafer surface in semiconductor processing. An engineer would like to determine the most important variables that optimize the scrubber's ability to remove particles. There are 8 factors that can be manipulated. The engineer does not want to spend too much time doing this experiment. Given the following data: (a) Generate the most effective screening experiment. (b) What is the defining relationship? (c) Are any of your important interactions aliased with any main effects? (d) What is the resolution of your design?

ΤO DO The first part which is interview ( is done by the student and attached here ) you have to do 2& 3 part only. Write a 1000 words report ( pdf, document file) Make sure you do the referencing and citation in the asked format only.

5..A researcher in immunology wanted to determine what effect various concentrations of nitrogen dioxide, as well as the effects of environmental humidity and temperature, have on the ability of the lungs to fight off airborne infections such as pneumonia. Her factors were as follows: She decides to create a Central Composite Design with a factorial portion consisting of 8 runs (i.e., a full factorial).

2. For the example on page 3-13, let E == ABCD. How docs this affect the defining relationship?

3.. A chemical engineer with a major oil refinery wanted to try a number of different additives to boost the 'octane level of the unleaded fuel produced at the refinery. For the sake of secrecy his additives were uniquely coded: A,B, C, D, E. All additives were varied from their lowest to their highest.The engineer knew from prior experience that the following additives would interact with each other: AB, AE, BD, DE, CE, and AD. To make matters worse, his boss told him that if his experiment did not produce positive results, he could forget about any further raises. The engineer ran the following screening design:(Note: D = АС, Е = BC) (a) What is the defining relation? (b) Are any important interactions aliased with main effects? If you answer"yes", list the alias problems you found. (c) Generate a fold over of the design generated for this problem. (d) What is the defining relation for the fold over design? (e) Would a fold-over design salvage this experiment? (f) Should the engineer forget about his future raises?

3) Using class handouts and internet search, find out the equipment used for the following types of Condition Monitoring.

1) 1) Select one Condition Monitoring process from the below list to complete tasks #2 to #6. 1. Vibration Analysis 2. Thermography 3. Ultrasonic Analysis 4. Borescope: 5. Wear Debris Analysis

2) Select a short video (2 -3 minutes) on the selected type of condition monitoring and describe few key points about the process. Include the video link here as well.

1.Given a 2^7-2 design where F= ABCD and G= BCDE, determine the=defining relationship.

A work group of 5 workers in a certain month produced 500 units of output working8 hr/day for 22 days in the month. (a) What productivity measures could be used for this situation, and what are the values of their respective productivity ratios? (b) Suppose that in the next month, the same work group produced 600 units but there were only 20 work-days in the month. Using the same productivity measures as before, determine the productivity index using the prior month as a base.

5 A farmer's market is considering the addition of bar code scanners at their check-out counters, which would use the UPC marked on all grocery packaging. Currently, the checkout clerk keypunches the price of each item into the register during check-out. Observations indicate that an average of 50 items are checked out per customer. The clerk currently takes7 seconds per item to keypunch the register and move the item along the check-out table.On average it takes 25 seconds to total the bill, accept money from the customer, and make change. It then takes 4 seconds per item for the clerk to bag the customer's order. Finally,about 5 seconds are lost to transition to the next customer. Bar code scanners would eliminate the need to keypunch each price, and the time per item would be reduced to 3 seconds with the bar code scanner. (a) What is the hourly throughput rate (number of customers checked out per hour) under the current check-out procedure? (b) What would be the estimated hourly throughput rate if bar code scanners were used? (c) If separate baggers were used instead of requiring the check-out clerk to perform bagging in addition to check-out,what would be hourly throughput rate? Assume that bar code scanners are used by the clerk. (d) Determine the productivity index for each of the two cases in (b) and (c), using(a) as the basis of comparison and hourly customers checked out per labor hour as the measure of productivity.

A work group of 20 workers in a certain month produced 8600 units of output working8 hr/day for 21 days. (a) What is the labor productivity ratio for this month? (b) In the next month, the same work group produced 8000 units but there were 22 workdays in the month and the size of the work group was reduced to 14 workers. What is the labor productivity ratio for this second month? (c) What is the productivity index using the first month as a base?

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