International Relations

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Does the prisoner's dilemma exercise provide insight at all into which theory you think best explains international relations in the present day? Is there any connection? In other words, can the results of this game provide support for or against various theoretical perspectives and what they say drives foreign policy decisions? Support your answer by providing an example, such as a conflict, foreign policy decision by a country, etc. Answers should be at least two paragraphs long, and there is no maximum length.

A literature review is a summary and critical analysis of published material related to a topic. A literature review should identify research that has already been done about the topic, show an understanding of the existing knowledge in the field, and identify a gap in the existing knowledge. Your literature review will be linked to your Research Proposal (Assessment 2). However, you will not be able to address all the literature relevant to the topic in 1,000 words. Therefore, you may select a sub-theme to focus your literature review on. For example, if my larger topic were ‘Australian Parliament’ it would be fine to focus my literature review on ‘the operation of Question Time’. But I would need to: Let the reader know that I am focusing on Question Time Demonstrate the link between Question Time and the Australian Parliament

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