International Trade And Finance

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The purpose of this assessment is to demonstrate your attainment of learning outcome 1: Critically analyse global sustainability issues and national and international responses by taking a broad view of sustainability that incorporates security and inclusivity. For this assignment, you should identify one (or several) area(s) of engineering that you believe is controversial from a sustainability perspective. Using the graphical approach used to draw causal chains in the social sustainability lecture, draw an illustration showing the trade-offs that are taking place.

Challenge Generate a trade study using the guide below. Reference the attached word file for a breakdown of each area with example text. Your trade study must be unique, meaning it must not duplicate any other trade study (in identicality) within your team or class. Section One: Executive summary, overview of the selected trade Section Two: Functional requirements and objectives, potential alternatives, criteria and weighting. Section Three: Down select and Conclusions

a With the help of suitable lines and annotations, indicate the trends for the following periods: i. between Jun to Jul 2022. ii. Between 19 Sep to 31 Oct 2022. b From the beginning of the chart to 13 Jun 2022. Using suitable lines, arrows and annotations, indicate the pattern found. c Refer to the ellipse marked A on the chart. Using suitable lines, arrows and annotations, indicate the pattern found. Indicate the price objective ($) of this pattern when it is fully formed. d Refer to the gaps marked B, C and D. List these gaps and provide ONE (1) characteristic of each gap. e Refer to the trend from 14 Nov 2022 to the end of the chart marked Trend E. What trend is emerging. Provide reasons of your belief and provide the price levels for the trend to go up or down. Mark these levels on the chart.

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