Internet Of Things

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Assessment 2 – Critical Essay ON Surveillance violates privacy but is necessary For Class Subject – Web Analytics

02 Project Ideation • Brief idea of a project to a team • 1min in 1 power point presentation slide • Topic Idea (Software Engineering, IOT, Al, or Cybersecurity)

Q1 *As electric vehicles adoption rises, the need for charging stations will increase as well, The goal is creating a business station in their path. The Locate a Socket application uses location based services to allow drivers to easily find, access, and securely pay for EV charging. The SRS document need to cover the following: • Introduction • Overall description(not more than 200 words) • External interfaces • System Features • Non functional requirement • Other requirements

Capstone Project 1. Progress Report Brief. Dear students, You report should consist of the following sections: 1.Executive summary 2.Statement of problem a. List of design/research questions 3.Feasibility/proof of concept/design based on literature review a. Innovation/creativity/originality 4. Results a. Well-supported recommendations b. Critical analysis 5.Project management 6.Conclusion and Future Work 7.Appendix 8.Presentation of report a. Clear and effective communication

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