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1. In the following circuit, what minimum steady state voltage Vin is required to turn the LED on and keep the transistor fully saturated? Assume that the forward bias voltage for the LED is 2 V and there is a 0.2 V collector-to-emitter voltage drop when the transistor is saturated.

3. In the following circuit, find the minimum Vin required and the resulting voltage Vout to put the transistor in full saturation. Assume that the ß for the transistor is 100 in full saturation.

6. For each of the following circuits from Figures 10.51 and 10.53 state whether the transistor is off or on. Calculate the minimum current that will flow through the load resistor using the specifications give below.

7. For each state of an n-channel enhancement-mode MOSFET that follows, determine what operating region the MOSFET is in if the threshold voltage Vt is 3 V. Please indicate ON or OFF a. Vgs = 2 V, Vds = 5 V b. Vgs = 4 V, Vds = 5 V c. Vgs = 6 V, Vds=5 V d. Vgs = -2.5 V

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