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In Gear Auto Restore CREATING A SELF-RUNNING PRESENTATION PROJECT STEPS 1. In Gear Auto Restore partners with a Pittsburg-area community college and offers internship programs for students interested in restoring vintage and classic cars. You need to put the final touches on the presentation describing the program and this summer's internships. Begin by adding an animation as follows: a. On Slide 1 ("SUMMER INTERNSHIPS"), change the duration of the man welding picture animation to 00.75. b. In the Animation pane, move the man welding picture animation up above the woman polishing picture animation. 2- On Slide 2 ("INTERNSHIPS"), adjust the car motion path animation by clicking the motion path ending point and then dragging it to the left side of the slide, as shown in Figure 1 on the next page. (Hint: Only move the red end point of the motion path. If you accidentally drag any other point on the motion path, press CTRL+Z to undo that action and try again.)

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