Network Analysis And Synthesis

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a. The equations below represent the node voltages obtained usingnodal analysis of the circuit shown in Figure(2). Solve the equations using MATLAB. 3 V_{1}-2 V_{3}=12 11 V_{2}-6 V_{3}-5 V_{4}=-90 -15 V_{1}-6 V_{2}+31 V_{3}-10 V_{4}=120 -V_{2}-2 V_{3}+3 V_{4}=36 b. Enter the circuit in Multisim and run the simulation to find thevalues of all node voltages. The results should agree with thoseobtained in (a) 12

1. (a) Explain how clock synchronisation is achieved in 10BT networks. (b) Discuss two methods by which CSMA/CD improves the SlottedAloha access scheme. (c) Two hosts are connected by an Ethernet full-duplex link. What is the maximum utilisation and under which conditions is achieved?

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