Object Oriented Analysis And Design

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Discuss the concepts of classes, objects, encapsulation and inheritance relating to object- oriented programming paradigm and apply them to solve a real-world problem. Analyse mathematical, scientific and other types of problems and design logical solutions for each, suitable for implementing as a computer program. Use an object-oriented programming language, and associated class libraries, to develop object-oriented programs. Use a development environment to develop, test, and debug programs that solve a given problem. Design and develop a test plan to ensure that a given programming solution works as anticipated in both expected and unexpected scenarios. Construct appropriate diagrams and textual descriptions to communicate the static structure and the dynamic behaviour of any object-oriented programming solution.

A. Parts Store Class Scenario: your cousin owns a parts store and wants you to write a program to help them manage the parts inventory. First, you must create a Parts class to define the inventory for other programs to access the data. You must write two different programs, the Parts Class program and the demo program. The Parts class should include the following fields: Part Number, Description, Quantity, Cost, and Retail Price.

B. - Lawn Mower Class Scenario: You're working a summer job to raise money for school by cutting people's grass. You want to write a program to figure out how much to charge people, then report on the money earned. You need a class that stores the customer name, the length of the yard in feet, and the width of the yard in feet.

Which of the following is false in relation to structured programming?

In Matlab what is a callable unit called? Function Subroutine Sub-program Procedure Control Statement

What is the definition of abstraction?

Structural programming is mainly associated with which programming paradigm?

what values will a and b take?

Matlab is primarily an example of which programming paradigm?

What is the value of the variable a when the following code gets to the RETURN statement? It might help if you look at the equivalent code, written in Matlab in threading material.

Which of the following choices is a definition of procedural programming?

Methods are part of which programming paradigm? procedural event-driven structured object oriented rule based

What is the definition of modularity?

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