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4. In innovative energy generation, there was the introduction of vibration energy harvesting. Ocean waves are known to have high energy contents and are potential energy source. Draw conceptual design of an ocean wave harvesting system. (use your imagination) (4%)your

3. Define flue gas: (2%)

35. Supercritical CO2 turbine driver is dependingthat is commonly qualify as: (1%)on the thermal process a) Rankine cycle b) Brayton cycle c) Carnot cycled) Lenoir cycle

15. The four steps of carbon geological storage: (4%)

- Name three gases emitted from a coal fire power plant: (2%)

39. Continue from above? What in your opinion resulted in the consistency/discrepancy from the graph and your data? (3%)

46. The oil production based on the natural pressurized field condition is called. (1%) a) Primary production b) Secondary production c) Tertiary production

2. Green gases refer to: (3%)

34. In global warming, 1° temperature rise means what % of atmospheric water vapor increase? (1%) а) 1%b) 3%с) 4%d) 8%

16. In fossil power plant, higher temperature would mean better combustion and less emission problems. But this means a better steel is needed. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of ferritic steel and martensitic steel: (4%)

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