programming language principle and paradigm

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Programming Language Principle And Paradigm

A list of 5 unsigned numbers (1H,68H,64H,65H,0H,34,100,101,70H,4,98H) is stored starting at memory location LIST in code memory (ROM). Write a program that will:

Copy the numbers from code memory (ROM) to program memory (RAM)starting at address 40H.

Sum the value of the numbers then output the result on PO.

Find the number of values that are greater than 1510 and output the result on P1 LEDS.

2. (5 points) Write a program that will convert a string of characters in to an all-upper-case string:

The string named "MyString " defined using appropriate assembler directives and ended with 0.

The original string consists of a mixture of upper- and lower-case characters in addition to spaces.

- The converted string should be stored RAM starting at address 40H.

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