Quantitative Methods

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9. x 1.24d5 If d is the thousandth's digit in the decimal above, what is the value of x when rounded to thenearest hundredth? 1. x < 5/4 2. d<5

4. How long did it take Henry to drive to work last Wednesday? (He did not stop on the way). 1. If he had driven twice as fast he would have taken 35 minutes. 2. His average speed was 30 miles per hour.

5. Are the integers x, y and z consecutive? 1. The arithmetic mean (average) of x, y and z is y. 2. y-x=z-y

1. A piece of string 1½ meters long is cut into three pieces. What is the length of each of the pieces? 1. The length of one of the pieces is 20 cm. 2. The sum of the lengths of two of the pieces is equal to the length of the third piece.

2. Are p and q both greater than zero? 1. p-q>0 2. p qp>q

5. A researcher is studying the relationship between level of literacy and GDP by country. (a) What is the unit of analysis? (b) What is the independent and the dependent variable? (c) State a possible research question that the researcher might formulate. (d) Formulate an hypothesis.

3. State the level of measurement for the variable: (a) How many cousins do you have? (b) In which city do you live? (c) On a scale of 1 to 10 how good was this movie (1 means "not good at all" and 10 means"somewhat good")? (d) The attitude of Canadians towards the legalization of all drugs (on a scale from 1(entirely opposed) to 10 (entirely in favour)). (e) The number of hours of overtime aperson worksper month. (f) A student's favourite class from Math, Science, History, and English.

1. What is the average of x, y, and z? 1. 2x + y + 4z = 23 2. 3x + 4y +z = 22

5. The retail price of a certain refrigerator was Z dollars. Nina was given a further 10 percentdiscount on the already discounted sale price (Y) of this refrigerator. Given that the priceNina paid was X dollars, what was the dollar value of the extra 10 percent discount that sheobtained? 1. The sale price, Y, was 90 percent of the normal retail price, Z. 2. If the sale price, Y, had been 20 dollars more, then X would have been $14 less thanthis new value of Y.

6. Yesterday it rained in Baronia. Did it rain in Dukia? 1. Whenever it rains in Dukia, it also rains in Baronia.TCL God and fou up at and for soup

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