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Assignment brief Paul and Jenny have a whole number of pounds. Paul says to Jenny: 'If you give me £3, I will have n times as much as you.' Jenny says to Paul: 'If you give me £n, I will have 3 times as much as you. You are given that all these statements are true and that n is a positive integer. 1. Determine an equation for the number of pounds that Jenny has in terms of n. 2. By using long division, or otherwise, on the result in (1) show that n ≤ 7. 3. Hence, by examine cases, determine the values of n for which there is a solution to this problem and in each of these cases the number of pounds Paul and Jenny have.

Convert 0.386 g to milligrams. Use only the metric system.

11. Elizabeth is single and claims 2 withholding allowances. She has monthly earnings of $3,568.00. Use the percentage method to find the federal income tax with holding amount deducted from Elizabeth's pay each month. Use the tables below.

8.A furniture store sold a bed regularly priced for $ 990.00 for $ 720.00. Thebed was originally purchased for $ 600.00 less 40 %. The store's overhead is 25 % of the regular selling price. Calculate the rate of markdown (as percentage to nearest100th) at whichthe hod was celd the bed was sold.

Find the Markup% for this sweater: Cost = $32 Retail = $98

A company markets educational software products, and Is ready to place three new products on the market. Past experlence has shown that for this particular software, the chance of "success" lk 80%.Assume that the probability of success is Independent for each product.

2. Compton and Sons is a local manufacturer of certain product that sells for $13.50 per unit. Variable cost per unit is $ 7.85 and fixed cost per period is $1220. Capacity per period is 1100 units. a)Calculate the total cost when the production is 100 units. Round to the nearest one. b)Calculate the break-even point in units. Round to the nearest one.

All changes savet15. The Wyomissing Pet Store paid $125.00 for a large aquarium to sell in its retail store. If operating expenses are 25% of cost, and the aquarium is sold for$119.00, find the amount of profit or loss.

11. Identify the place value of the number 8 in 27,893,214.

9. Construct a proof of the following argument: ¬(B&¬C),¬B → D,C → ¬E:.E → D.

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