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Create a Travel brochure for Mesopotamia. A time machine has enabled YOU to travel back in time. You are a historical tour guide in Mesopotamia. You are required to create a travel brochure for tourists to join you on a trip through Mesopotamia. You are going to be designing and creating a travel brochure for Mesopotamia.

1. You must research a non-governmental organization that is changing the world. 2. You will create a poster (with both visuals and information) and do a presentation on one NGO. (Choose an NGO from the list below or speak to your teacher about one that is not on the list.) 3. Your Powerpoint or Google slide presentation will include the following information: (a) A brief history of the organization. (b) The goals and/or mission statement of the organization. (c) Where the organization does most of its work. (d) with what specific issue(s) the organization is involved. (e) How does the organization raise funds? (f) The future goals and plans of the organization. (g) You must also evaluate the effectiveness of the organization. (Is it accomplishing its goals? Is it benefiting people? Are its funds used appropriately? Is there any harm created by the organization? Are the people it is helping encouraged to become self-sufficient?) 4. You must also include a Bibliography or Works Cited that cites the sources of both the information and any visuals that you use.

You will write a 4-6-page advocacy brief that connects to a state or federal bill that has been proposed and has not yet been passed. The policy brief you will write includes the following information and format.

The Pentagon Papers(fill in the blank with a correct response (there may be more than one-check all that apply) was a conspiracy theory. ended with the Supreme Court siding against the Press. was leaked out by President Nixon. illuminated the deceit by the federal government with regard to the Vietnam War

Define oppression through two intergroup relations.

Why is freedom of press so important that it was included in the basic rights of our Constitution?

How does the "big lie" work? What are the mechanisms? Who perfected the technique?

Discuss Media through the 3 major sociological perspectives. No need to write an essay, you can do this in a paragraph.

How is democratic socialism different from traditional socialism ? What would a symbolic interactionist say about this change?

Which ideas/ concepts are core ideas of Conflict Theory with regard to the healthcare are system? Political decisions made about our healthcare are influenced by large corporations. unequal access to healthcare The Sick Role O Changing meanings of different health conditions

Functionalism or sometimes called structural functionalism is one of the main perspectives in sociology. What are key elements to this way of "seeing" the social world? Analyzing the beneficial consequences of social organization. Society changes slowly through competition over resources O Social change that happens too quickly human interaction as the building blocks of society.

The IRA used the following strategies to influence public opinion. (check all that apply) Irish counter terrorist groups used to target the British. O Troll Farms Advertising on social media O Fake social groups.

What recent legislation did NY pas to help mend the digital divide? They put all their government offices online for easier access. O They passed legislation that would allow low-income people access to the internet at a low cost. O They passed legislation that will provide laptops to all K-8th grade students. O NY State is bringing back net neutrality

The following statements are true about the sociological imagination. (Check all that apply) It distinguishes between personal troubles and private issues. The sociological imagination stresses on the power of agency over structure. The sociological imagination reflects the general way that sociologists look at the world. It allows us to connect history and people's choices.

Using the three theoretical positions, how might "cloning" be analyzed?

The Russian influence campaign that occurred in the 2016 presidential election used which of our first amendment rights as part of its weapon

Check all the statements about propaganda that are true: propaganda is a form of influence Propaganda is always political O Propaganda is used as a tool by the powerful Political propaganda was used by President Wilson to recruit men to fight for WW1.

Explain and give specific examples of how science and technology is both functional and dysfunctional to society.

When describing economic inequality in the U.S., the following statement are true: (Check all that apply). O In the past 40 years income inequality has grown while wealth inequality has stayed the same. There is no scientific way of measuring economic inequality It results in high levels of poverty and working poor.

refers to the use of tools to accomplish tasks that people used to do by hand. Mechanization Cybernation O Industrialization O Automation

The U.S. is losing its global leadership in the invention and discovery of new technologies. What are the reAsons behind that (check all that apply). The government looks to China for new technology. The federal government deinvested money in science and technology. OU.S. corporations research and development short-term projects, instead of investing in long-term projects. The general public has lost interest in science.

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