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Design the beam and column system shown in the figure below (NOTE: The support conditions are not realistic and are only used for class purpose to simplify structural analysis and design process). Check for flexure, shear and deflection in beam. Whenever you use code, please also report the page number that you referred to and the values that you are looking into. Units should be mentioned wherever applicable. All intermediate steps should be shown for partial credit. Use steel with Fs= 50 ksi. Allowable deflection is 1/360 of the span of the beam. Assume that the sections W 21 x 62 are available to you for no cost. Assume the cost of steel for any other sections = $ 4.5/lb. (finished). In case you do not find a relevant constant for a loading condition (C, C+ or C₂), use the constant that corresponds to the worst-case scenario. (NOTE: The only intent of this instruction is to simplify the problem. Calculated values of the constants MUST be used in real design.) Please calculate, i) Minimum cost of the beam system (when W 21 x 62 is free) ii) Most economic cost of the beam system if the sections W 21 x 62 were not freely available iii) Most economical cost of column system.

4.6-7 For the conditions shown in Figure P4.6-7, use LRFD and a. select a W16 of A992 steel.b. select a steel pipe.c. select a square HSS. d. select a rectangular HSS.

Using LRFD, select the lightest A992 steel W section to serve as the floor beam AB in the frame shown below if the frame supports a service dead load of 20psf and service live load of 45psf. Consider the floor beam to have continuous lateral support. The length of the floor beam is 45ft.

What is the Nominal Tensile Loading in kips for across section of 200 in? member at yield (YieldStress = 36 ksi)? (a) For tensile yielding in the gross section: P_{n}=F_{y} A_{g} \phi_{t}=0.90 \text { (LRFD) } (b) For tensile rupture in the net section: P_{n}=F u A_{e} \phi_{t}=0.75 \text { (LRFD) }

Which of the following is NOT true: a. The polar moment of inertia formula is the same for all shapes and sizes O b. Torsion tends to produce a rotation about the longitudinal axis c. Shear strain is the measurement of the change in angle in units of radians d. Torsional shear stress is equivalent to the applied torque or moment multiplied by the distance from the center to the point of interest all divided by its polar moment of inertia e. Torsion is the stress due to an applied torque or moment

2. Verify the available flexural strength of the W18×50, ASTM A992 beam selected in the previous problem by applying the requirements of the AISC Specification directly

What is the flange thickness of a W14x120 to thenearest 0.01 of an inch ? O a. 26.5 in. O b. 14.5 in. O c. 0.59 in. O d. 14.7 in. e. 0.94 in.

As structural engineers, we use the steel construction manual for designing steel structures according to their specification. a. AISC O b. ASCE c. SEI O d. ISO O e. ASTM

In structural engineering design, the fundamental requirement of structural design is that the required strength does not exceed the available strength. True False

4.7-5 Use A992 steel and select a W shape.a. Use LRFD. b. Use ASD.

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