SUHAD Company is a merchandising company that sells a single product. The company's inventories, production, and sales in units for the next three months have been forecasted as follows: Units

are sold for $12 each. One fourth of all sales are paid for in the month of sale and the balance are paid for in the following month.Accounts receivable at September 30 totaled $450,000. Merchandise is purchased for $7 per unit. Half of the purchases are paid for in the month of the purchase and the remainder are paid for in the month following purchase. Selling and administrative expenses are expected to total $120,000each month. One half of these expenses will be paid in the month in which they are incurred and the balance will be paid in the following month. There is no depreciation. Accounts payable at September 30 totaled $290,000.Cash at September 30 totaled $80,000. A payment of $300,000 for purchase of equipment is scheduled forNovember, and a dividend of $200,000 is to be paid in December. a. Prepare a schedule of expected cash collections for each of themonths of October, November, and December. b. Prepare a schedule showing expected cash disbursements formerchandise purchases and selling and administrative expenses foreach of the months October, November, and December. c. Prepare a cash budget for each of the months October, November,and December. There is no minimum required ending cash balance.

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