Mapping of a ground in front of CSUF Engineering building was done with a four-sided closed traverse. Assuming that the angle measurement is accurate, interior angles of only three traverse

stations were measured. Northing, Easting, and Elevation of stations C and D were measured with GPS device. Rest of the surveying was done with total station. The results obtained with field surveying are shown in the following tables. During the survey height of the prism was adjusted to remain equal to the height of instrument. With the provided information, please calculate 1. Northing and Easting of stations A and B. 2. Azimthus and reverse azimuths of all the sides of the survey. CLEARLY put your answers in a box or highlight all your answers. Table 1. Data Recorded in the Field Book From Total Station Table2. Northing, Easting and Elevation obtained from GPS Survey Hint: This problem is similar (not same) to what we did in class. Please go back to your notes you took or the solution available on Titanium.

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