\text { Rate }=\frac{1}{2} \frac{-[?] ?][A]}{[?][?] t}=\frac{-[?] ?][B]}{[?][?] t}=\frac{1}{2} \frac{[?][?][C]}{[?][?] t}=\frac{[?][?][D]}{[?][?] t} AA gaseous reaction has the rate relationship listed above a. Write a balanced equation for this reaction b. In the first 15s of the reaction, 0.015 mole of B is consumed in a reaction vessel with a volume of0.500 L. What is the rate of reaction during this time interval? This reaction was performed multiple times and provided the following data: c. Determine the order of reaction with respect to reactant A. Justify your answer d. Determine the order of reaction with respect to reactant B. Justify your answer. e. Write the rate law for the overall reaction f. Determine the value of the rate constant, k, for the reaction. Include units with your answer. g. Calculate the initial reaction rate for experiment 4. h. The following mechanism has been proposed for the reaction A + A + B –→ E +E + Cslow \text { Step 2: } \quad \mathrm{E}+\mathrm{E} \leftrightarrows \mathrm{D}+\mathrm{C} \quad \text { fast equilibrium } Provide two reasonswhy the mechanism is acceptable. i.In the mechanism in part (h), is species E a catalyst or is it an intermediate? Justify your answer.

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